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    Business Operations

    • Actuarial advice
    • Financing or financial auditing
    • Investment or tax advice
    • Legal advice
    • Lobbying and/or political advice
    • Medical advice
    • Mergers and acquisitions or business valuations

    • Managing General Agent (MGA)
    • Managing General Underwriter (MGU)
    • Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
    • Program Administrator or Third Party Administrator (TPA)
    • Reinsurance Intermediary
    • Risk Retention Group (RRG)
    • Wholesale Broker
    • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan Creator, Manager or Administrator

    • Aviataion Insurance
    • Lawyer's Liability Insurance
    • Mining Insurance
    • Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA)
    • Variable Annuities, Mutual Funds, Stocks or Investment Bonds
    • Variable Life Insurance

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