About our agency

Our team of insurance professionals has over 150 years of experience. Let us make your insurance experience simple.

Our history

Cooper & Allison is an independent insurance agency headquartered in Burr Ridge, IL. Our agency utilizes our extensive portfolio of insurance carrier relationships to obtain comprehensive insurance coverage, coupled with competitive premiums. We will be efficient in all aspects of service to create an "ease of doing business" when you place your trust in our hands to handle your insurance needs.

Our culture

We are a client-focused team of insurance experts. We are honored to be part of our clients’ businesses. We believe in the ease of doing business. We are also a team of real people, with families, friends, and a constant drive towards satisfaction in our work through helping our clients’ businesses grow safely.

Why independent?

Instead of just one company offering you their product, trying to make your business fit into a one-size-fits-all policy, an independent agency works with many carriers to ensure that we have exactly what your agency needs. We get to know you and your business personally, then work from there to determine what will be right for you. It's about your business, not just about our sales.

Meet our team

Meet the entire team of owners, producers, account executives and CSRs for both Cooper & Allison, and the recently acquired Robert Wehn & Associates.

Randy Levine, Managing Partner at Cooper & Allison Insurance in Burr Ridge, Illinois

We would like to take a moment to pay homage to Randy Levine, Cooper & Allison's widely loved Partner. Sadly, Randy was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2018 which spread throughout his body and organs. Randy fought his fight fearlessly and admirably, which comes as no surprise to those who knew him. Randy was one of the most commendable people we have ever met. He never hesitated to put others first with refreshing genuine care. We aim to continue to serve and treat others just as Randy would have wanted. He was a great partner, father, and friend. He will be missed here at Cooper & Allison.

Join our team

Commercial Insurance Account Executive


  • Service and maintain all aspects of a variety of commercial accounts.
  • Responsible for renewal marketing of existing accounts.
  • Ability to make presentations and consult with clients.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with clients.
  • Identify cross-marketing opportunities.
  • Round out accounts.
  • Prepare and review applications and policies for accurate information.
  • Strong knowledge of Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Auto and Umbrella coverage.
  • Ability to identify and recommend insurance gaps.
  • Preparing reports and proposals.
  • Oversee general processing - claims reporting, auto ID cards, Certificates of Insurances, Binders, etc.
  • Remarket accounts upon renewal to our direct markets and to our broad array of wholesalers to obtain the most competitive quotes with the best coverages.
  • Ensure accounts renew in a timely fashion without lapse in coverage.
  • Interact with clients on an everyday basis.
  • Process certificate requests, policy checking, recommendations, Auto ID cards, etc.
  • Accept and process endorsement requests from policyholders.
  • Provide recommendations made by the carrier to the policyholder and forward compliances to the carrier upon completion of the recommendations.
  • Maintain relationships with Agency Producer & Underwriters at our direct carriers and wholesalers.

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